Thursday, July 15, 2010


July 13, 2010

( The Honorable Mr. TOWNS asked and was given permission to address the House. )


Mr. Speaker,

My heart is heavy this evening because a very dear friend of mine passed away,
James "Buddy" Keaton.

Buddy Keaton has been a real fixture in the Brooklyn community for so many years. Many, many basketball players are in the NBA because of Buddy Keaton.

Buddy Keaton was a person that spent a lot of time with young people, helping them to understand how important it is to go straight in life, and also how important it was to really work on your skills. But at the same time, he indicated that they needed to be involved in making certain that their academics were in order.

Buddy Keaton, as a result of his involvement, made it possible for many basketball officials to be able to officiate games. Some have gone on to the NBA and to other places as a result of Buddy Keaton and his involvement.

Buddy Keaton was truly a coalition builder. He was a person that just had a natural flair for saying the right thing at the right time. He knew how to do that.

So I say to the Brooklyn community and to the family of Buddy Keaton, and, of course, to my good friend Hank Carter and to all those who knew him in terms of his work and how hard he has worked on behalf of people, we say to his family, you have our deepest sympathy. If there is anything that we can do, please do not hesitate to reach out.

What a tremendous loss for the Brooklyn community.


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R.I.P. Dad. said...

You will always be miss, your son Jacob