Thursday, January 3, 2008


DECEMBER 2007 from -- Mojo_Mc
Stop Whining Baltimore
The Ravens have absolutely nothing to cry about, You lost the game, the officials did not "job" you guys, you folded like a house of cards.
Finally somebody got burned with this timout tag thing that everyone is doing, which burned you guys when you stopped Tom Brady on 4th down. Even your coach said that you were in the wrong scheme, even though you stopped the guy. Don't cry about that.
Next the penalty calling. Every single penalty call against your team, was legit. Ben Watson was held and that could have been the winning touchdown. Every single call against you guys was legit, and you're looking for a convenient excuse to explain why you lost your "Super Bowl".
What about Derrick Mason grabbing all of Asante Samuels jersey when Mark Clayton caught the ball on the New England 2 yard line, I thought they were against the Patriots, looked like they helped you guys on that play, to almost pull off the upset of the century.
Then what about Bart Scott, doing his best impression of ROGER CLEMENTS, throwing the officials flag like it was a 90 mph fastball. You can't let emotion get the best of you, and pull a bonehead move like that, and expect not to get a flag.
Losing creates bitterness, and then you look for excuses, Like McGahee saying the calls were "bogus", just a bitter guy.
Saying that you were battling two teams, the Pats and the Zebras, another excuse from a losing team.
Quit your whining and take your loss like professionals and go to work next week.
MOJO MC ---you are more than 100% right - i never trust these guys who try to get all emotional and pretend they care more about winning than anyone else on the field. This bart scott is a big time phony -- there are only about three people in America who knew this guy's name before the monday night game and i am not one of them - but by acting like it was "all about him" and being a world class jerk and loser, we all know his name. Others will write about this, but none can top your summary of the entire situation --->Quit your whiningandtake your loss like professionalsandgo to work next week.
When it gets so pitiful that these guys bring out the race card against their own race - they are insulting the game, themselves, commonsense and the entire premise of good mental health.

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