Monday, October 12, 2009


Cecil K. Watkins passed away from Pancreatic cancer, he was 76 years old.
Mr. Watkins was the governor and boys basketball chairman of the New York Metropolitan Amateur Athletic Union, a youth sport organization dedicated to the promotion and development of amateur sports programs.
The basketball programs are designed to initiate, stimulate, and improve opportunities for amateur basketball competition and to promote and develop leadership, sportsmanship, fitness, and athletic excellence.
As evidence of Mr. Watkins dedication, Fox said, "On Monday, even though he was extremely ill and had just finished treatment, Cecil tried to come to the executive board meeting but was too sick to make it up stairs, so I went downstairs.
He said to me, 'Just tell them that I tried.'
That's the kind of man that he was."Watkins was also the president and CEO of National Pro-Am City Leagues Association, Inc., a not-for-profit community service organization that specializes in developing and administering turnkey sports league programs and high visibility sporting events in major urban and suburban areas across the country.
In addition, the organization is widely recognized as a premier venue for youth and adults to acquire professional experience and employment in all aspects of sports administration.

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