Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Ted Green, a documentary producer in Indianapolis, is starting on a project about our very own Roger Brown, WINGATE HIGH, Class of 1960.
If anyone has any of the following materials and would be willing to share them to help get Roger's amazing story finally told, Ted would be greatly appreciative.
Items such as:
-- A tape of the WPIX-televised game between Wingate and Erasmus on Feb. 6, 1960. It was covered by the great Marty Glickman and Sid Obeck.
Photos would also be great.
Ticket stubs, posters, articles, or anything else related to the March 15, 1960,
PSAL semifinal between undefeated contenders:
Wingate ( Roger, Neil Feuerstein, Martell Wynn, Jimmy Miller, Steve Shacher )
Boys High ( Connie Hawkins, Walt Davis, Wylie Briggs, Tom Kurowski, Freddy Jones).
Any 1950s-60s-era photos -- with or without Roger -- from the gyms and playgrounds he frequented:
Kingston Park
Riis Beach Park
St. John's Rec Center
Brownsville Boys Club
Betsy Head
Any other photos, articles, etc., from Roger's early years in BROOKLYN .

Please contact Ted Green at :

317-403-6003 / tedgreeniv@gmail.com

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